The Comprehensive Guide to FAT LOSS!

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What's included in this guide?

  • Top tips on how to drop the fat keep it off
  • Gut health and the affects on losing fat
  • Effective eating strategies to beat the belly fat
  • Understanding macronutrients
  • Effective exercise strategies to get the most bang out of your workout

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Jenny is a certified personal trainer, wife, mama to three beautiful daughters and the owner of a 24 hour access gym in the northern part of Idaho. She is an entepeneur at heart but fitness has become her passion and she LOVES teaching women, of all ages, how to live a healthy life.

Her health and fitness journey did not begin until she was 28 years old after having three babies in four years. She never focused on health prior to that and hated exercise. She struggled with lack of energy, excess weight, migraines, and depression so she knows all about living a unhealthy lifestyle and the struggles of the weight loss journey. 

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Jenny Mire